How to Earn an Online Master’s Degree at Night School

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Online private school programs are increasingly becoming popular for families that have busy schedules or children who have special needs. K12’s private schools are accredited and provide multiple start dates and part-and-full-time academic programs for students with a wide range of educational needs. The Summer Institute, an accredited program, is a great choice for those interested in pursuing a Master of Business Administration, an Associate of Science in Business Administration, or an Associate of Arts in Business Administration degree at night.

If you’re looking for the flexibility of learning while working, attending night school in the privacy of your own home is an excellent option. The program provides both on-campus and online courses and is flexible enough to accommodate most family schedules. Online courses can be taken at your convenience and most of the on-campus programs allow student access to email and chat rooms to ensure learning takes place in a safe, secure environment.

The Summer Institute offers online college degrees in areas such as business, engineering, education and humanities. Courses can be completed in as little as nine months by completing modules in one half of the year, or in two semesters or quarters. This type of accelerated learning allows students to receive their degrees and finish in three years. By attending night school and taking part-time classes throughout the year, students can complete their degrees in three years or less.

University admission standards for private school graduates tend to be much higher than those of students attending traditional colleges. While most of the admissions requirements for a Master’s degree are the same at all four-year colleges and universities, some require applicants to have a certain GPA. Online degrees are also accepted into some universities, but most require students to have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. Students can pursue an Associate of Science in Business Administration degree at night through this online program and be eligible for financial aid upon graduation.

The advantage of the online programs is flexibility. Most online courses can be completed in a convenient time frame to fit most schedules, allowing students to schedule their classes around their family lives and jobs. It is important to check online school programs thoroughly to make sure they are accredited to offer the degrees. They should offer both a high level of academic support and the types of professional support a prospective employer looks for.

Those applying to schools in the private school system must take the college admissions process seriously. Because the program is available only to students who are in need of additional training, the quality of the program is extremely important. In order to receive a competitive undergraduate degree, prospective students must be prepared to work hard, attend class on a regular basis and work hard.

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